Care Commute is temporarily discontinuing service for the 2019-2020 School Year.

We apologize for the inconvenience, please contact us for more information. 


Care Commute is a school shuttle service designed to help busy parents with their kid's transportation. We specialize in after school transportation, athletic events or anywhere your children may need to be. We are designed to help take the stress out of your family's busy schedule.


Founded by a local teacher and coach, Care Commute understands the challenges parents face with their demanding work schedule, their children's demanding schedule, traffic, and trying to meet their kid's transportation needs.


For more information on what we're doing to help, keep up with us by visiting our blog.

Care Commute is properly insured and registered with the state of Texas.

Safety is everything and with the growth in our area, commuting can be quite a challenge. We strive to meet the needs of parents and become a valuable resource in the community. 

It is our mission to provide safe and reliable, door to door kid transportation services. ​


How It Works


Step #1

Visit our website and complete a quote request form to confirm our ability to service your route.

Portrait of confident young businesswoma

Step #2

A Care Commute representative will contact you with information regarding your request.


Step #3

Your kids transportation is scheduled with a trained and mom-approved Care Driver

Safely getting your kiddos where they need to go


We offer school shuttle service for your before and after school transportation needs. Our packages include monthly and weekly options for all of our services.  Services can be scheduled daily as well.


Average tuition for service to North Dallas school districts

One-Way Ride

Daily Tuition

Providing daily kids transportation with trained Care Drivers at a daily rate.



One-Way Ride

Monthly Tuition

Providing daily kids transportation with trained Care Drivers at a monthly rate.



*Rates are variable and prorated.

* We require prepayment for all services.

*All services are based on availability

*Services are provided on a first come, first serve basis.


We perform extensive background checks and require all CareDrivers to adhere to the Care Commute guidelines. If you enjoy providing care to kids then this is a job you'd with love! 




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